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Image by Karim Ghantous


Albert Einstein

Are you overwhelmed by your Science Communication and Public Engagement mandates? It is not your fault that South Africa has a science communication landscape as beautiful and difficult to navigate as the Drakensberg. Let me take this journey with you. Whether you need a friend in the trenches with you or a communication strategy that allows you some creative freedom, or a friendly conversation filled with some useful ideas...Sciism pty ltd can help you.




You can call me Robyn, and aside from the highly appreciated volunteer, I am Sciism (Pty) Ltd. As a science communicator and content creator, I have several years of experience as a contractor for Iziko Museum, various universities and the occasional state-owned enterprise.


I was born in Johannesburg which makes me a certain kind of tenacious and I am proud to be South African. I use local artists, artisans and materials in my projects. Currently, I am studying a part-time (online) MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement.


My hope it help create a culture of science curiosity and hope through effective science communication. Give people the tools to make powerful and meaningful decisions about the science that effects their world.

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